On May 31st, we'll be holding an open audition at 1803 West Byron Street, Suite 216 Chicago, IL from 4:30-6:10pm. There are several lead and supporting roles to fill as well as room for plenty of extras, so please bring a headshot. Production is scheduled for June 13th and 14th (weather permitting). 

Black Superman is a multimedia story (online narrative) comprised of cinematic photographs, video, text, and some audio in alignment with the Sunday Kinfolk aesthetic. An acting background is not required but may be helpful. 

In participating in the story (including all extras), there is no pay but proper accreditation will be provided as well as food, drinks, and a great amount of exposure. 

We look forward to meeting you! 


Lead Role - Black Woman 1 (appearing to be between 20-35 years old)

Supporting Role - Black Woman 2 (appearing to be between 20-35 years old)

Supporting Role - Black Woman 3 (appearing to be between 45-60 years old)

Lead Role - Black Girl 1 (appearing to be between 5-10 years old)

Lead Role - Black Boy 1 (appearing to be between 5-12 years old)

Lead Role - Black Man 1 (appearing to be between 20-35 years old)

Supporting Role - Black Man 2 (appearing to be between 45-60 years old)

Supporting Role Black Man 3 (appearing to be between 20-35 years old)

White Man 1 (appearing to be between 35-45 years old)

Extras (Men and Women, all ages)


1975, Southside, Metropolis. Kryptonia El-Kal --Afrikan Warrior-Mother, Revolutionary Spiritworker, Black Liberation Army Footsoldier--has just left her son behind with family in Kansas City. She returns to the hidden war raging in the city's slum-zones. Mission: Liberate Black Humanity from urban enslavement; Destroy White Supremacy. Goal: Build a World where her child can actually Live, can actually Breathe. 

1999, Southside, Metropolis. Clark Kent, Black Radical Dreamer, Orphan, Crime Reporter, a Black Woman's Son coming into his own Powers--supernatural, ancestral, and inborn. As he contemplates his ability to survive gunshots and how he can "read" memories stained into concrete by puddles of blood, he begins investigating the story of a Black Revolutionary who was assassinated by Southside Metropolis Officers 24 years ago.

After Clark learns the truth of his origins and heritage, he has a reawakening. With this consciousness comes a revelation and a dilemma: 1) He is the Strongest Hue-Man in the World; 2)  When you are Black, surviving the brutality of an Anti-Black society, is it your duty to destroy it or save it? 

Black Superman is a Melanted-Blues'd Up visionary tale that re-imagines the origins of Superman from the Heart of The Afrikan Diaspora. 

Directions/Parking/Public Transportation

The address of the building is 1803 West Byron Street, Suite 216. If you're coming from the train, take the Brown Line to Irving Park, turn east out of the station (toward the Metra train tracks), and make a right onto Ravenswood, before the train tracks.

The 1803 West Byron Building is two blocks down on the right. The entrance for Pendulum Space is the right-hand door of the building, and you should buzz Suite 216 for entry. You will be buzzed in by the on-site personnel. Pendulum Space is on the second floor.

If you're driving, there's free parking for up to 20 cars behind the building. This space is available in the lot immediately south of the building between the hours of 5 PM and 12 AM, Monday-Friday, and all day on Saturdays and Sundays. The spaces nearest to the train tracks and under the train tracks are those which may be used. Any other spaces are already reserved for other businesses.

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